Take Action!

Kpop4planet debuts its first campaign #Tokopedia4Bumi!

Tokopedia is the number 1 e-commerce company in Indonesia with more than 90 million users and “Bumi” means Earth in Indonesian. If you’re part of ARMY or BLINK you have probably seen Tokopedia’s advertisement campaign with BTS and BlackPink, where they’ve taken social media by storm. 

We’re asking you, as K-Pop fans, to band together and support our campaign to ask Tokopedia to get their electricity from renewable energy by 2030 to fight the climate crisis!


What is Tokopedia?

Tokopedia is basically like Indonesia’s Amazon and recently, the company has received so much attention from K-Pop fans across the globe, as BTS and BlackPink are now their brand ambassadors. 

The shopping festival event that Tokopedia held in July 2020, called ‘Waktu Indonesia Belanja’ that featured BTS was a major hit. It was estimated that one out of four TV viewers in Indonesia watched the company’s promotional TV advertisement, along with being a top ranking topic on social media.


Why did Kpop4Planet choose Tokopedia?

As K-Pop fans, we love sharing with our friends what our favourite idols and groups are upto. It’s who we are and what we love. So in support of our idols and groups that we love, we also need to show the companies that work with them that we support renewable energy and a healthier planet. This is why we need to come together and ask Tokopedia to be part of our movement of making the world a better place by committing to green energy! 


Tokopedia’s practices consume energy

Tokopedia uses a lot of electricity! The data centers where thousands of computers run all day, to provide Tokopedia’s services, chew up so much power. Actually, across the world data centers like Tokopedia’s release the same amount of carbon dioxide as the airline industry! 

This is because all those data centers are powered mostly by fossil fuels like coal, gas, and oil. This means that the more Tokopedia grows, the more electricity they’ll use. Let’s get them to change to cleaner energy! 

Tokopedia Website Image Airline Data Center

What do other tech companies do?

Did you know that tech companies like Amazon, Google, Netflix, and Apple have all committed to renewable energy for all their electricity needs by 2030 or sooner! Gojek, Tokopedia’s main rival has also begun to reduce carbon emissions in their delivery service and operations. All their pledges have been public and they are all aiming high. 

Tokopedia should be part of this global trend of getting its electricity from clean sources. Right now, it’s very far behind. We can change that! 


Why Tokopedia needs to take action!

We all want to live on a healthy, clean, and fair planet where we can share our happiness through our love for K-Pop with everyone. That’s why it’s so important that we band together, support our stars and push the brands they work with to care for the planet. All of us have a part to play in this journey where forests, animals, fish and of course all of us can live together.

This starts with companies like Tokopedia making responsible choices about where they get their electricity from, so their data centers shop spewing out carbon dioxide that affects our planet, our lives, and everything we care about. 


What we are asking for?

As fans we want to enjoy watching, listening, and supporting our favorite idols without worrying about the health of our planet. 

So Kpop4Planet is asking Tokopedia to:

  1. Set an example as Indonesia’s leading e-commerce company and pledge to get their electricity from 100% renewable energy by 2030, like all the other tech companies! 
  2. Disclose Tokopedia’s carbon footprint to the public.
  3. Establish a long-term decarbonisation plan in accordance with international standards like the Paris Agreement.

Please join our cause and tell the CEO of Tokopedia to take action!  

We’ll share information here about important issues coming up, and how you and other K-Pop fans can make a difference! Follow us on social media @kpop4planet to stay informed!