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What Climate Actions Can Entertainment Companies Take?

Kpop4Planet is a organization made by K-Pop fans with a mission to protect the Earth. Our planet is at a crossroads. It is time to move together with our idols and fandoms to fight for climate justice. 
Find a climate action group around your community, participate in local or global initiatives, and like and follow @KPOP4Planet social for further news and activities.

Minimize Plastic Packaging on Albums and Merchandise

Minimize Plastic Packaging on Albums and Merchandise
About 40% of plastic is thrown away after being used once. By minimizing this kind of plastic and also plastic wrapping we can reduce huge amounts of waste. Companies across the globe have pledged to use less plastic in their packaging and are instead using sustainable wrapping materials.

Low CO2 Emissions Live Concerts with Less Plastic

Low CO2 Emissions Live Concerts with Less Plastic
Other artists around the world put in effort to make their live concerts more sustainable. Billie Ellish's world tour had no plastic straws and had an "eco-friendly" label! She also encouraged her fans to use their own tumblers. Others like Maroon 5 and Radiohead are doing their part by touring on buses fuelled by biofuel. We know many K-pop fans are eagerly waiting for live concerts to start again after COVID-19, so when the time comes let's make them sustainable!

Encourage Artists to Speak on the Climate Crisis and Engage in Climate Action

Encourage Artists to Speak on the Climate Crisis and Engage in Climate Action
Artists are super influential and have massive audiences. Their voices are so vital for global issues that matter. Adele tweeted her support for Drop4Drop, a British charity working on the global water crisis. To create buzz she said she would start tweeting if 10,000 fans followed the charity. We are asking K-pop artists and fans to take climate action and join the KPOP4PLANET movement!

Songs About the Climate Crisis

Songs About the Climate Crisis
Sir Paul McCartney from the Beatles wrote "Despite Repeated Warnings," a song he said was about “People that ignore climate change.” It describes a mad captain ignoring his crew's warnings and objections. Early K-pop sang about the problems with public education and represented teenagers. It is now time to sing a K-pop song about our environment together.

Artists Support KPOP4PLANET and Donate Digital Content

Artists Support KPOP4PLANET and Donate Digital Content
A picture speaks a thousand words! Artists, please consider donating your digital content to KPOP4PLANET. One selfie of your daily life is enough. This content can help us spread this important movement by putting us in touch with so many fans for upcoming KPOP4PLANET campaigns.

Artists Support KPOP4PLANET and Donate Your Unwanted Items

Artists Support KPOP4PLANET and Donate Your Unwanted Items
One of the best ways to take climate action is reusing and recycling. Artists can donate unwanted personal items to KPOP4PLANET for fans participating in KPOP4PLANET campaigns and reuse them as meaningful prizes.

Work to Reduce CO2 Emissions

Work to Reduce CO2 Emissions
In 2021, Lorde's new album did not come out on CDs. Instead, it was sold as a biodegradable "music box" with handwritten notes, photos, and a download card. Coldplay also took big steps and temporarily suspended their tour schedule. K-pop artists can do the same and more!

Provide green album purchase options for fans

Provide green album purchase options for fans
When K-pop fans purchase albums from their favorite artists there should be greener options like: digital download only and photo card only. Ideas from K-pop fans like offering digital downloads using QR codes printed on paper soap - used to also wash your hands - instead of CD's packaged in plastic. Let's listen to the fans and offer more green options!


Why Do We Have To Take Climate Action?

We only have 0.5 degrees left

In the past century the Earth’s temperature has risen by 1 degree celsius from a rise in CO2 emissions. If this goes above 1.5 degrees celsius so much will change. This includes more unpredictable weather, stronger extreme climate events like heat waves, typhoons, and water shortages. We need to do everything we can to keep the temperature going beyond 1.5 degrees celsius, which is what scientists call a “tipping point”.

Climate Change is Happening Now

Across the world the signs of climate change are already visible and unavoidable. This year, the United States, Canada, and Europe all set new high temperature records – some places rose to 54 degrees celcius with air temperatures combining with forest fires. In the Pacific Islands, rising sea levels affect how people live. In Siberia, warming temperatures melted permafrost releasing trapped Anthrax bacteria killing thousands of Reindeer. Climate change is an issue no one can avoid.

Climate action in your area

K-pop group Blackpink is working with the UN climate change conference (COP26) taking place in November. In their promotional video “Climate Action in Your Area”, Blackpink encouraged K-pop fans saying the time to act is now
“This is our planet. This is our future. Climate change affects us all.”
K-Pop can play a major role in fighting the climate crisis!
Source : Soompi


Why Do Entertainment Companies
Need to Take Climate Action?

K-pop fans around the world have united with KPOP4PLANET to help solve the climate crisis. But even if fans are doing all they can to take climate action, without change in the entertainment industry sustainable K-pop isn’t possible. For sustainable K-pop to thrive both the entertainment industry and fans must unite and take climate action!

Would you agree that the K-pop industry should pay attention to the climate crisis and take action

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Who must make the changes for K-pop to become sustainable?

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Entertainment companies


  • Fans 59.4%
  • Korean government 46.5%
  • K-Pop artists 39.5%

What do you think is the most unsustainable part of K-pop?

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Disposable gift wrapping materials used while giving presents to K-Pop groups and artists


  • Fans making bulk album purchases 65.9%
  • Disposable wrapping materials on albums and merchandise 57.2%
  • Disposable materials at concerts 48.7%
  • Fans making bulk merchandise purchases 41.4%
  • Fans streaming music 9.2%
  • Artists touring overseas 8.1%
  • None 5.4%
  • Other 0.8%

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