When K-pop fandoms unite, they become a powerful voice for climate justice

What is KPOP 4 Planet?

Leading up to COP26 and beyond, Kpop4Planet is a space for all K-pop fandoms to show their passion for climate justice.

K-pop fans have been on the forefront of social justice initiatives- trolling Trump, drowning out racist hashtags on Twitter, educating their faves on cultural appropriation AND fighting for climate justice.

We want to say thank you!

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What does climate change have

to do with K-pop?

Climate change affects all of us, that’s why we are asking K-pop fans to step up and demand action!

Harming our

The last thing we want as k-pop fans is to see our idols or ourselves getting sick! However, the same pollution from carbon-emission activities that contribute to greenhouse gases, also increases the risk of infectious, respiratory diseases as well as depression.

Catastrophic weather

From record heat waves in South Korea, destructive floods and typhoons in the Philippines and Indonesia, hurricanes on the Gulf Coast, extensive droughts in South Africa, accelerating glacier melting in Norway – climate change increases and intensifies these extreme weather events.It thus severely threatens the livelihoods of our idols, fans, and everyone on Earth.


Due to the symbiotic relationship between climate change and natural habitat loss from increasing forest fires and deforestation, no matter how many K-pop fan projects come together to plant trees, create forests or adopt endangered animals, nowhere will be safe if we do not fight climate change.

What can K-pop fans do

to fight the climate crisis?

No one could replace your bias, neither can we replace the Earth. Let’s work together to create a better and sustainable life for all of us.

Practice daily
eco-friendly habits

By using public transportation, saving water, energy or electricity, implementing the 3 R’s (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle), every single little action fans take contributes to a better world.

Use your

Say it louder, clearer, and more often! Demand those in power make policies for a sustainable world. As a global citizen, urge your government to establish and follow solid and ambitious climate policies. As a consumer, pressure banks, corporations and companies to move away from funding or using fossil fuels.

Support the

Our planet is at a crossroads. It is time to move together with our idols and fandoms to fight for climate justice. Find a climate action group around your community, participate in local or global initiatives, and like and follow @KPOP4Planet social for further news and activities.

Korean stars demand

climate action

K-pop stars and their fans have a great track record in raising awareness on climate change and calling for action. Here’s just a few examples:

February 2021, Blackpink, official advocates for the COP26, called out fans for climate action.

August 2020, Red Velvet, an ambassador of the UN International Day of Clean Air for blue skies, called for clean air for all.

December 2019. Paul Kim donated to the Global Climate Strike in Korea.

April 2019, Park Ji Hoon was a chosen as a climate change ambassador for the Ministry of Environment.

December 2017. Eric Nam and Minzy spoke about climate change for 24 Hours of Reality.

September 2015, VIXX, were an ambassadors for the #AngryAboutClimateChange campaign.

Not seeing your bias on the list? Check our more examples in this article or contact us if we missed your idols’ good deeds – we want to hear from you!

K-pop fans are supporting

the fight for climate justice

K-pop fandoms have collectively shown that they care a lot for our environment and the people who are affected by the climate crisis. Here are some examples of what fandoms have done:

EXO-Ls, Blinks, ARMY, and more donated to help those affected by floods and typhoons in Thailand (2019), India (2019), Philippines (2020), and Indonesia (2021).

ARMY planted trees to celebrate RMs birthday.

Monbebe/Wenees adopted and sponsored more than 90 animals in the name of their idols.

EXO-Ls planted three forests in honour of Chen.

Indonesia K-pop fans and #SavePapuaForest hashtag.

Australian K-pop fandoms fundraised for the bushfires.

Not seeing your fandom on the list? Check more examples in this article or contact us if we unfortunately miss your incredible projects – we want to hear from you!

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